Motorcycle Insurance: Iowa

Locating low-cost motorcycle insurance in Iowa doesn’t need to be complicated.

Insuring a motorcycle in Iowa can be quite expensive, so comparing prices and options from leading Iowa motorcycle insurance carriers will be key.

That’s the reason we developed our web site: to enable you to compare and contrast policies from top insurers – online!

Motorcycle Insurance: Iowa Laws

Iowa motorcyclists do have to insure their motorcycles and scooters. What is liability coverage? This type of protection is designed to provide insurance protection against the threat of a lawsuit. When a policy holder covered by a liability policy is sued, the insurance company must retain an attorney to defend the case, and pay any judgment covered by the policy.

Listed below are the Minimum liability limits in Iowa:

  1. Bodily injury liability maximum for one individual injured in one single accident: $20,000
  2. Bodily injury liability maximum for all the injuries in one accident: $40,000
  3. Property damage liability maximum for one accident: $15,000

IA Motorcycle UM/UIM Coverage

In Iowa, about 12% of the population is driving without being insured. For us as riders, that’s a real concern. It goes without saying, the bike, including its rider, typically suffers a good deal of damage in a collision with a car, truck, or SUV. You don’t want to be saddled with damage payments for which you were not responsible – add uninsured motorist (UM/UIM) insurance to your coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage may pay for your injuries or property damage caused by an uninsured motorist or, in some situations, an unidentified motorist. Sometimes it also includes protection for underinsured (UIM) drivers and at-fault drivers with too little coverage to pay your claim.