Motorcycle Insurance: Idaho

Never ride uninsured. In Idaho, motorcycle insurance is required.

No matter whether you ride a sport bike or a v-twin, locating the best insurance carrier is crucial. It’s important to purchase a policy which boasts reasonable monthly premiums and adequate coverage.

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Motorcycle Insurance: Idaho Laws

Idaho motorcyclists do have to insure their motorcycles and scooters. What is liability coverage? This type of protection covers you as a vehicle owner and as a rider if you injure someone or damage someone else’s vehicle or property with your motorcycle.

Insurance minimums in Idaho are as follows: 25/50/15 (in thousands of dollars). The initial pair of figures are the minimum coverage limits for personal injury liability. The first is for only one individual in an accident, the other for all individuals put together. The final quantity relates to maximum liability for property damage.

ID Uninsured Motorist Insurance For Motorcycles

Are you aware that 9% of Idaho road users don’t have auto insurance? For us as riders, this is a real concern. Getting in a wreck with a car may cause quite a lot of harm to you and your bike. Don’t let yourself end up being stuck with damages for which you aren’t to blame – add uninsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage to your protection plan. This sort of coverage pays for the insured’s injuries and losses negligently caused by a motorist that has no liability insurance.