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BMW Motorrad, India’s TVS Deep in Talks

Word out of India is that its fourth-largest motorcycle maker, TVS, is talking bikes and distribution with BMW Motorrad, Germany’s largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Though details regarding the talks are as hazy as a three-day-old curry, industry observers believe that TVS is asking for help in engineering and building big-bore motorcycles in return for its assistance in distributing bikes on the Indian subcontinent. Some believe that TVS may also lend BMW Motorrad a hand in making smaller motorcycles for the Indian market. 

India and other highly-populated emerging markets such those in Indonesia and China will surely be home to many coming-together talks in the next one or two decades.

BMW…Better Than Viagra?

A San Francisco Bay Area man has filed suit in the Superior Court of San Francisco County against BMW Motorrad North American and Corbin-Pacific for the, alleged, near-everlasting erection he fell victim to following a four-hour ride on his BMW motorcycle. The man says that the bike and its dealer-installed custom motorcycle seat gave him…Continue Reading

Brazilian Road Rage Pits an Auto against a Bike

The lads over at Asphalt and Rubber have posted a video that should send a Portuguese-glinted shiver down the spines of motorcyclists the world over. The clip features a road rage incident down in Brazil between a motorcyclist and a driver of a car. Though, the humble viewer in the U.S. cannot work out what…Continue Reading

BMW Motorrad USA Has New Leaders

There has been a change of leadership at BMW Motorrad USA following the stepping down and subsequent retirement of Pieter de Waal ending 18 years of service with the automaker. To fill the vacancy, Hans Blesse has vacated his spot as VP of Sales and Marketing at BMW Motorrad Germany. Top leadership is confident that…Continue Reading

BMW Motorcycles Posts Best Year Ever

Times are tough all around—or are they?  BMW’s Motorrad division had their best year ever last year, with year-over-year gains in every month of 2011 compared to 2010.  The German company’s sales strategy has apparently begun to pay off, as sales this were even better than 2007—the last year of abundance before the current economic…Continue Reading

Southeast Asia The Future of Motorcycle Sales?

Motorcycle industry observers are saying that the future of the industry is in Asia and, even more specifically, in Southeast Asia. The thought is that motorcycle sales are strong in developing nations, of which with Asia chockablock, due to the region’s underdeveloped infrastructures and salaries. Motorcycles are for many Asians de facto family cars. In…Continue Reading