Brazilian Road Rage Pits an Auto against a Bike

The lads over at Asphalt and Rubber have posted a video that should send a Portuguese-glinted shiver down the spines of motorcyclists the world over. The clip features a road rage incident down in Brazil between a motorcyclist and a driver of a car.

Though, the humble viewer in the U.S. cannot work out what sets the problem into motion, we can all see that it begins with a dude sitting on his bike while he is idling between a pair of cars. Then, one of the drivers of one of the cars and the guy on the bike have an animated discussion following which, the biker gives the car an Anderson-Silva-styled boot.

Well, no one likes their car being kicked, so the driver did what any self-respecting driver would and turned his car into a weapon and rammed it into the bike… and that is where the genuine fun starts. To see all of the festivities and find out how it ends, watch the video at Asphalt and Rubber or on Youtube here:

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