MotoGP Weight Limit Increase Questioned

The decision to increase the MotoGP weight limit from 153kg to 157kg has thus far been less than popular among the race teams.

Any weight limit change faces stiff resistance since many man-hours and financial resources are dedicated to perfecting bikes to perform at whatever the weight limit. Modifying bikes to perform at different weights is extremely costly.

Reportedly, the thought behind the slight increase is that it allows race teams to meet the limit without having to spend too much (all things relative) since carbon fiber bodywork is allowed in MotoGP. On the other hand, World Superbikes, which do not allow carbon fiber bodywork, have a weight limit of 165kg.

At this point, Honda and Yamaha are letting it be known that they are not pleased with the weight increase. Meanwhile, it is rumored that Ducati is happy with the increase and may have even wanted a larger jump in the weight limit.

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