Motus Motorcycles to Unveil Production Plans at Daytona Bike Week

Motus Motorcycles is just about finished teasing us. The American motorcycle startup has announced that it is going to release its production plans this week at Daytona Bike Week. 

Though at more than $30,000 a pop, a Motus bike remains well outside the grasp of most motorcyclists, we do all enjoy being armchair Motus riders. After all, these exclusive sport-tourers are indeed impressive and loaded with all sorts of gadgets and high-tech features that riders simply love. Also, if the newest bike turns out to be powered by the 1,645cc KMV4 engine as has been rumored it will be a bike riding atop a 160 horsepower power plant.   

Although much about the new Motus remains stuck in rumor and conjecture, it sure is nice knowing that soon the truth will be revealed.  Just remember, if you catch a ride on one of these puppies during Bike Week, you’re going to need a FL motorcycle insurance policy.

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