Free Anti-Theft Solution Offered by Carole Nash in the UK

The UK’s most popular motorcycle insurance company, Carole Nash, is giving free security marketing kits to its new and current customers when they purchase or renew their motorcycle-coverage policies.

The solution, called the Carole Nash DNA+, became available for consumers once it had completed a successful trial towards the close of 2011. Comprised of high impact hologram decals and a liquid-based forensic coding solution, the kit, which retails for £30, was designed to act as a deterrent to lowly bike thieves. The coding solution is a clear liquid that motorcycle owners are to dab on parts of their bikes making them uniquely identifiable.

Carole Nash has already given out more than 15,000 kits to its policyholders. Thus far, the clients have had good things to say about the free kit. Talking about how useful the solution is, Carole Nash policyholder Gareth Jones said, “I found DNA+ very easy to use when I applied it to my scooter, and the instructions were simple to follow. Knowing that the identification marks are there does give me added peace of mind that, if the unthinkable were to happen, the bike would be easily identified by the police and returned to me.”

Now a US-based company needs to do the same thing!

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