New AGV Helmet Worn by Valentino Rossi Turning Heads at Sepang

It is not only Valentino Rossi’s performance and testing of the factory Ducati Desoesedici GP12 “Phoenix” that is making waves this week in Sepang, but also the brand new AGV prototype helmet that’s wrapped around his head.

The helmet is all things gorgeous when it comes to engineers, speed and racing. It has been formed out of the mighty molecules of carbon fiber and sports an impressive rear spoiler that must have produced jaw-achingly beautiful trails of spun air in AGV’s airstream tests. Oh, if I could only make one wish, it would be to be a rider of such caliber that my times would benefit from my head being ducked down behind my motorcycle’s windscreen, with the rear of my helmet lifting the air flow just so off the surface of my humped back as I flip around the track.

The Italian-made helmet also comes with a windscreen that can only be described as being expansive. It totally destroys the complaints that so many riders have about so many other racing helmets, restricted fields of view. 

As of now, there is no word that the helmet will be produced for the heads that you and I carry upon our necks. So, for now, all we can do here at Motorcycle Insurance Quote is drool and dream as we sit and watch Rossi do his thing.

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