BMW R1250GS Nearly Release Ready

From the faraway Black Forest, whispers and photos of something impressive have been coming to the left side of the chilled Atlantic pond. The pics and the details have caught the attention of those who know all things bikes. In fact, word is that they hint at a two-wheeled beast so magnificent that it will, if the whispers are true, replace the Bavarian vehicle maker’s top selling motorcycle, the RS12000GS.    

The new motorcycle, the BMW R1250GS, will be powered by a completely new wonder: a liquid-cooled Boxer-Twin engine. For a company that has relied on the air-cooled Boxer for ninth-tenths of a century, this is a huge change. However, it’s not just a huge change; it is also a decidedly performance-improving change.   

Liquid-cooled engines operate at lower temperatures than do air-cooled versions. Moreover, they enable engines to warm up quickly thusly cutting down on post-start-up emissions. This is important since it will help the bike meet the strict Euro 5 standards that are scheduled to be enacted in 2015. Also, the completely-new engine should provide more power with its additional 50cc.

Unfortunately, for now, all fans of adventure-touring bikes in the U.S. can do is sit with waited breath as they search the Internet for bits of news on this yet-to-be–released bike. But, at least they can find some comfort in the knowledge that soon the 2013 BMW R1250GS will reach our shores and prove to be much more than whispers and photos.

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