Southeast Asia The Future of Motorcycle Sales?

Motorcycle industry observers are saying that the future of the industry is in Asia and, even more specifically, in Southeast Asia. The thought is that motorcycle sales are strong in developing nations, of which with Asia chockablock, due to the region’s underdeveloped infrastructures and salaries. Motorcycles are for many Asians de facto family cars. In fact it is not uncommon for one to see in Indonesia, for example, a motorcycle zipping along beneath the weight of a three or four-person family.

The anecdotal evidence of this is already in. Asphalt and Rubber, a motorcycle industry publication, says that the city with the highest number of daily followers of its blogs, website and twitter feeds is Jakarta, Indonesia. Moreover, MotoGP has added India to its series of stops and Yamaha is well-known for the amount of time and cash it devotes to marketing within the Southeast Asian market.  

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