Illinois Motorcyclists No Longer Need to Wait at Red Lights

The birth of Baby New Year 2012 brought with it an unusual freedom to motorcyclists in Illinois: the freedom to ignore red lights. That’s right, each and every Illinoisan motorcycle enthusiast has been given the green light to go through red lights.

Specifically, the legislation that went into effect January 1st gives riders of bikes and motorcycles, having an engine matters not to this law, the right to cautiously proceed through an intersection if the light does not turn green “within a reasonable period of time” because either the cycle does not weigh enough to trigger the light-changing ground sensors or the signal is not working properly.

Unfortunately for riders, as it stands now, “a reasonable period of time” is not defined by the law. This means that motorcyclists will need to ensure that they cautiously proceed through intersections not just for their physical safety, but for the safety of their driving records as well. There is, however, proposed legislation, Bill 2528, that, if passed, will provide motorcyclists and law enforcement specific guidelines as to how long someone needs to wait before going through a red light and into a clear intersection. We will keep you posted here at Insurance Motorcycle Quote as to whether or not that legislation passes.

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