Coming To America: The Aprilia Tuono V4 R

The appearance of the Aprilia Tuono V4 R on the American market is being kept quiet it seems. You can visit the Aprilia USA  website and still not have a clue the bike is on its way, but it is. The machine is set to reach dealers in March 2012 with an easy to afford MSRP of $14,999.

The base model will be a full four grand cheaper than the 2012 Ducati Streetfighter S, but 2K more than a Ducati Streetfighter 848. The price is definitely meant to give the bike a competitive edge against Ducati, its biggest competitor. With 167 hp on tap, the bike is well positioned to challenge Ducati in performance as well.
While the bike is sure to hold its own on the streets, why isn’t there more hype around it? How do you sell a motorcycle anywhere in the world without advertising it? Brands like Bentley and Ferrari sell themselves. In America, Harley-Davidson is synonymous with motorcycles, but the company still has to market its new bikes. Does Noale, Aprilia’s parent company, not understand basic marketing? The Aprilia offerings from last year were superior motorcycles, but flopped in the sales department because they lacked marketing support. Why make a bike if you do not want to sell it?

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