The 2012 Honda CBR1000RR…Reviewed

Just reading the name can give you chills. The CBR1000RR is a bike that can nearly jump off the ground and fly down a road and, if you do not know what you are doing, it will leave you behind. The 2012 Honda CBR1000RR received a lot of design attention. Here is a little of what to expect from the double R this year.

First off, the 2012 has only been slightly modified. No reason to do a complete overhaul on such a nice bike. Most of the attention was spent on the suspension. The rear suspension is still the old school Unit Pro-Link, but a new shock body was built to improve responsiveness. The single-tube shock was junked for a ”Balance-Free” damper using a double-tube design. Instead of the damper piston using integral valves, the damping oil is forced through a separate damping component. According to Honda, this offers better control, which results in smoother, more responsive damping action.

The CBR had a facelift, as well. The new bodywork makes use of the layered fairing concept for improved aerodynamics. The design creates a large pocket of still air around the rider and allows more airflow to the cooling system.

Just when you thought that the 2012 Honda CBR1000RR was on the top of its game, Honda does a little razzle-dazzle and viola, the bike gets even better.

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